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The Indian Health Service (IHS) is an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services that provides acute care to qualifying American Indians. This program, known as the American Indian Health Program (AIHP), reimburses the IHS for the services it provides. AIHP rehab services can literally be life-saving.

Do you require addiction treatment at an AIHP facility? Keep reading to find out how you can enroll at Catalina Behavioral Health Services with American Indian Health Program Insurance.

Medical and public health services for Alaska Natives and members of federally recognized Native American Tribes are provided by the Indian Health Service and Urban Indian Health Program.

Keep reading to find out more about the AIHP rehab services found at Catalina today!

Licensed Drug Addiction Treatment

Who Is Eligible for the American Indian Health Program?

Coverage Under AHCCCS Complete Care Plans or the AHCCCS American Indian Health Program is available to American Indians, and Alaska Natives registered in the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) or the Children’s Health Insurance Program of Arizona (AIHP).

Will addiction treatment be paid for by the American Indian Health Plan (AIHP)?

Addiction treatment, including alcoholism recovery, is available via the American Indian Health Plan (AIHP). Depending on the enrolled members’ needs, an AIHP-approved rehab may offer inpatient and outpatient substance abuse care.

Partial care, behavioral management, psychosocial rehabilitation, and individual, group, and family counseling and therapy are all examples of addiction treatment options that can be provided under an American Indian Health Plan-approved drug rehab.

However, not every intensive outpatient program is covered by an AIHP-approved rehabilitation center as medically necessary services.

To qualify for insurance reimbursement, therapy must be recommended by a medical doctor and carried out under the watchful eye of a registered therapist.

What is AHCCCS Insurance?

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System - AHCCCS

AHCCCS provides coverage for a wide variety of therapeutic services, including physical, behavioral, occupational, respiratory, auditory, and speech therapy. There are, however, restrictions on this protection. Only 30 visits per year to OT or PT are covered by AHCCCS.

Without hope for change, Medicaid will not cover physical therapy services. Outpatient speech services are covered for children under the age of 21 and participants of the Arizona Long Term Care Services (ALTCS) program.

Only services received at an IHS facility, a tribally-owned facility, an administered 638 institution, or an AHCCCS-registered facility that takes charge of service will be reimbursed.

Members who are enrolled in AHCCCS and who have been diagnosed with a persistent mental illness and need life skills are eligible to receive behavioral health treatments funded by federal block grants.

A person must be 18 years or older and have a diagnosable behavioral, emotional, or mental problem that significantly interferes with their daily functioning in order to be diagnosed as having a chronic mental illness.

When is it Time to Get Treatment for Alcohol or Drug Abuse?

Warning signs of alcoholism should not be disregarded because of the perceived severity of the underlying drinking issue. Many factors related to alcohol misuse are strongly influenced by how severely you are abusing the substance.

When physical signs of alcohol addiction problem appear, it is essential to check into a treatment center that is approved by the American Indian Health Program.

What are the Physical Signs of Alcohol Abuse?

Some of the physical symptoms are:

  • Changes in appetite
  • Disrupted sleep
  • Coughing and a runny nose
  • Weight gain
  • A decline in physical appearance
  • Tremors
  • Slurred speech
  • Decreased coordination

What Behaviors Indicate Drug or Alcohol Misuse?

Behaviors that Indicate Drug or Alcohol Misuse
  • Lack of trust
  • Increased drug tolerance
  • Problems with money
  • Legal trouble

What are the Mental Health Signs of Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

You should get help if you’re experiencing any of the following mental health challenges:

  • High anxiety levels
  • Irritability
  • Memory loss
  • Paranoia
  • Mood swings

24 Hour Treatment Hotline – Get Help Now!

How Can I Enroll in the AIHP?

How do I enroll in AIHP if you are eligible but not yet a member? The American Indian Health Program provides medical and mental health services to Native Americans (AIHP). The providers in your healthcare plan’s network determine the care you receive.

The American Indian Health Program (AIHP) and the AHCCCS Complete Care (ACC) plan are both available, and members can transfer between them at any time. Tribal Regional Behavioral Health Authorities also accept enrollment for mental health care services (TRBHA). But you need to be a local of the region that the TRBHA covers.

Which Treatment Programs Does AIHP Pay For?

Multiple alcohol and drug treatment centers are covered by the American Indian Health Program.

Medical Detox with AIHP

Medical Detox with AIHP

Alcohol detox is the initial phase of therapy for alcohol abuse. When this process is complete, the individual will have eliminated all traces of alcohol from their system. Alcohol detox at a residential treatment center is covered by AHCCCS. All AIHP-approved alcohol treatment centers provide the AIHP Alcohol Detox as part of their services.

Residential/Inpatient Rehabs that Accept AIHP

When it comes to alcoholism or drug abuse, residential treatment options from AIHP range from low- to high-intensity programs in round-the-clock facilities. Someone undergoing treatment for alcoholism in a residential facility will have constant monitoring and care provided by AHCCCS. Without insurance, inpatient treatment can be costly for the individual in need.

The average length of stay for an inpatient rehabilitation program covered by AIHP is 30 days. Time spent on the program is proportional to the provider’s level of expertise. Individuals who have been harmed by those who have been diagnosed with an alcohol use problem can receive the best care possible through these programs.

When it comes to a client’s care, it takes a team effort. Rehab centers may provide a wide variety of therapeutic interventions. Cognitive therapy, mental health counseling, speech therapy, music therapy, recreational therapy, pain management, dietary counseling, and vocational therapy are all part of inpatient rehabilitation programs.

Outpatient Programs Covered by AIHP Rehab Services

Outpatient Programs Covered by AIHP Rehab Services

Non-inpatient treatment options for alcoholism include intense outpatient programs. Individual and group psychotherapy, tactics for boosting motivation and engagement, family counseling, and educational groups are not included in intensive outpatient care. This is a low-volume, outpatient program that does not offer intense residential or partial-day therapies for alcohol or substance abuse.

It’s important to note that these are not as thorough as inpatient rehabilitation centers. Group therapy and the facilitation of 6-30 hours of programming per week are hallmarks of the intensive outpatient model for alcohol and drug treatment.

Immediate Placement for Addiction Treatment

Catalina Behavioral Accepts AIHP for Your Recovery

At Catalina Behavioral Health, we accept the American Indian Health Program, in addition to other unique forms of insurance, many facilities don’t accept.

If you’re unsure about a specific type of insurance, contact our admissions team and we’ll help you find out if we work with your provider – and if not, we’ll attempt every possible workaround we can find to help get you get on the right path to recovery. All calls are confidential, so reach out now to get options!

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