Does TriWest Cover Drug Rehab

Using TRICARE in the Western US for Addiction Treatment

Are you ready to seek mental health services or addiction treatment and looking for the right TRICARE rehab? The first step to making sure you can afford the services you require is to verify your insurance.

While TRICARE insurance providers may cover your inpatient care or outpatient treatment, there is one overarching question: does TriWest cover drug rehab? Rest assured that, in many cases, the answer is yes.

Catalina Behavioral Health can help you access healthcare services using TRICARE for yourself or your immediate family, to improve your well-being and help you live a life without drugs and alcohol.

Keep reading to find out more about TriWest coverage for services at all levels, and when you are ready, allow our caring insurance verification team to evaluate what your TriWest Healthcare Alliance and VA benefits will cover when you seek treatment with us.

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Does TriWest Cover Drug Rehab?

The first point to consider is whether TriWest is going to cover drug or alcohol addiction treatment, and the answer may not be as straightforward as you were hoping. TriWest is not a traditional health insurance plan but can still offer coverage for treatment programs.

The TriWest Healthcare Alliance functions as a network that helps connect you with healthcare services. If you have VA health benefits or TRICARE insurance, they can help you track down a place like Catalina Behavioral Health that can help you move forward with sobriety.

Using the TriWest network allows you to find the perfect place and receive benefits through an existing health insurance provider like the VA or TRICARE. Always call Catalina Behavioral Health first to verify benefits.

Where Areas Does TriWest Cover?

Where Areas Does TriWest Cover

Before we can dive into how the TriWest Healthcare Alliance works, it is important to ensure that you meet the geographical requirements of the program. In the United States, they cover regions 4 and 5 – which includes Arizona where Catalina Behavioral Health is located.

If you live in the West or Alaska, it is worth looking into the TriWest alliance to help secure treatment with a TRICARE program or VA benefits.

The TriWest network helps facilitate coverage for veterans and active-duty service members who might not be able to receive coverage through a Veterans Affairs hospital or center. You can still use your VA benefits at many of these facilities to help with out-of-pocket costs.

How Does the TriWest Healthcare Alliance Work?

Because the TriWest Healthcare Alliance is not a traditional insurance provider, many people wonder if it can truly help them find substance abuse treatment. How does it actually work to help you secure the care you need for a drug or alcohol addiction?

Many people are already familiar with the VA Community Care Network (CCN). This allows you to seek treatment outside of the VA hospitals and facilities when these places do not meet your needs. In other words, they can help you secure coverage using VA health benefits or enroll in a TRICARE program.

Those who are eligible to use the TriWest Healthcare Alliance may use these services to find what they need — as long as they have prior approval to seek care outside of VA facilities. To use this service, you must have VA healthcare or eligibility for VA health benefits.

You may be surprised to learn that the TriWest network is quite extensive, including more than 700,000 providers in the western United States and Alaska.

It is worth noting that later this year TRICARE will exclusively contract with TriWest for its plan holders across the Western United States.

When Can You Use TriWest?

Insurance providers know that substance abuse can be an issue among veterans and active-duty service members. In fact, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration notes that 5.2 million veterans had substance use disorders or mental health diagnoses. You should know when you can seek care through TriWest.

VA healthcare and TRICARE benefits for rehab programs are a staple of using the TriWest Healthcare Alliance services. Once you ensure that you have these benefits in place (or are eligible for these benefits), you must meet one of these criteria for care via the VA Community Care Network, including:

  • Services not available at a VA facility
  • Lack of VA facility in the surrounding area where you live
  • VA cannot provide care within designated access standards
  • Community Care Network is the best fit for your substance use issues
  • VA service line does not meet certain quality standards
  • Grandfathered into the distance eligibility for Veterans Choice Programs

All of these can apply to both an inpatient and an intensive outpatient program, depending on the level of care you require. If you need help with substance use disorders or mental health disorders, reach out to Catalina Behavioral Health today to learn whether TriWest can help you seek treatment with us.

What Mental Health Services Do TriWest Healthcare Providers Offer?

Outpatient Treatment

Of course, the best way to approach your addiction treatment is through a personalized plan for treatment. There are no easy one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to substance abuse. TriWest Healthcare Alliance permits you to seek multiple levels of care, ranging from intensive to moderate.

Here are a few ways that you might seek treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab:

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment: Upon entering into rehab, you may require medication-assisted treatment to keep you comfortable and sober. Prescriptions are often covered under the umbrella of your existing health insurance plan.
  • Medical Detox: Access around-the-clock care during the early days of your sobriety with a medical detox, often recognized as the first step in addiction treatment. You will be safe and as comfortable as possible during the first week or so of your new life.
  • Inpatient Care: Remain in our state-of-the-art facility receiving evidence-based care for thirty to ninety days to get a jumpstart on your sobriety.
  • Outpatient Treatment: Receive the same services as inpatient but in a less restrictive setting, allowing you to head home and sleep in your own bed at night.

Up To 100% of Rehab Costs Covered By Triwest – Call Now!

How Much Will Alcohol and Drug Rehab Cost with TriWest?

Unfortunately, there is no single answer for how much your treatment will cost with TriWest, but in many cases, through the VA the entirety of treatment is covered. Insurance coverage will vary depending on your insurance plan, and TriWest is not traditional insurance.

Never let fear of the cost of treatment centers hold you back from seeking care. At Catalina Behavioral Health, we will work with you to set up an affordable payment plan that will allow you to focus on getting the most of your healthcare benefits while you remain with us.

Get Evidence-Based Health Benefits with Catalina

Get Evidence-Based Health Benefits

Whether you are dealing with early withdrawal symptoms or need more support in your day-to-day life, Catalina Behavioral Health can assist you with your care.

We believe in offering robust and evidence-based treatment programs for drug and alcohol use while providing world-class care for each and every one of our patients.

Evidence-Based Treatment Centers at Varying Levels

Our healthcare providers are well-versed in the various methods they can employ to help foster your sobriety. We offer every level of care you might require to treat addiction. We believe in offering the foundations of cognitive behavioral therapies, dialectical behavioral therapy sessions, and more.

All programs are delivered on both an individual basis as well as via group therapy.

Many patients prefer to start with a medical detox and inpatient stay to give them a foundation for future success. Then, they will segue into our partial hospitalization programs and intensive outpatient programs before graduating. There is a level of care for everyone, no matter what you are currently facing with your sobriety or mental health.

Most insurance providers will work with you to provide coverage for whatever level of service you need. Catalina Behavioral Health works with you to find a level of service that fits with your budget and the potential for out-of-pocket costs.

Get Accredited Treatment Options – Call Now!

Joint-Commission Accredited Care

Not to mention, we are also a Joint Commission-accredited facility. This means that we put the patient first so that you always receive safe and high-quality care. We are proud to offer his accreditation because we know how hard it can be to find a rehab that helps and accepts VA benefits.

These standards are constantly being updated to note the changes in the best practices of healthcare services. We stay on top of what we need to do to provide you with the care you expect and deserve, whether you want to use Veterans Affairs insurance benefits or private health insurance options.

Get Effective Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs at Catalina

Effective Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

Substance abuse no longer has to run your life, and Catalina Behavioral Health can help you take the first steps toward sobriety. Whether you seek inpatient care or intensive outpatient programs, we can help you verify insurance benefits. All it takes is a quick call to our helpful admissions team for an easy and confidential chat.

If you feel ready to leave a drug or alcohol addiction behind you, reach out to Catalina Behavioral Health today to learn more about our programs today!


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