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How Long is Rehab

Looking at the Length of Behavioral Health Programs at Catalina

Are you convinced that a treatment program is the right fit for you to face substance abuse in your life? Whether you are struggling with drug abuse, alcohol abuse, mental health, or a combination of these issues, there are treatment programs out there to assist you in the early days of sobriety.

The problem is that it can take you away from your daily life for a time to focus on getting better. You need to know: how long is rehab and how will it impact your life?

The length of a rehab stay depends on your needs, willingness, and schedule, as well as other considerations like insurance coverage, housing, and more. But rest assured: you will find answers here.

Catalina Behavioral Health offers alcohol and drug addiction treatment, as well as programs for mental health issues. Our treatment programs are tailored to your needs and give you the freedom to still stand by the responsibilities you have in your life.

Keep reading and reach out to us at any time to see if any of these treatment options are the right fit for you or your loved one!

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How Much Time Will You Spend in Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment?

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, illicit drug use affects hundreds of thousands of people each year. If you fall into this category, it might be time to start thinking about what addiction rehab has to offer you.

The good news is that there is a drug and alcohol rehab program out there that is right for your recovery.

Whether you need to be out in the world to attend your job or school, deal with family responsibilities like childcare, or have other obligations, Catalina Behavioral Health can help you settle on an alcohol- and drug-free life that works for you.

Your time in treatment often depends on what level of care you need or desire. We will walk you through what you can expect from the gold standard of care, moving from medical detox to our inpatient drug rehab facility before making your way to outpatient programs.

Few rehab centers in Arizona offer the combination of accessibility and evidence-based, accredited programs that Catalina proudly provides our clients.

Medical Detox for Alcohol Abuse or Drug Abuse

Medical Detox for Alcohol Abuse

Detoxing from drug and alcohol addiction is a risky endeavor if your body has become reliant on the substances to function. It can be beneficial to be under the care of a team of medical professionals, all of whom are trained to help make you as comfortable as possible. Medication-assisted treatment is an option to minimize these symptoms.

They can also monitor you for adverse side effects of your detox like hallucinations or seizures. You may even spend some time in a hospital setting depending on the severity of your symptoms and the extent of your addiction.

How Long is Rehab: Detox and the Typical Length of Stay

For many people, this is the most intense portion of their treatment program because of the toll it takes on their physical health. Being in addiction treatment at Catalina allows you to focus on getting sober with around-the-clock care and no opportunities to disrupt your progress by using again.

This is the shortest phase of your treatment in an alcohol or drug rehab. We want to make sure you are stable and develop a long-term care plan for you. Depending on the severity of your addiction, you may spend anywhere from one to three weeks in a medically supervised detox program at Catalina.

Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Intensive Care

A residential treatment program or inpatient rehab is usually the next step for someone who wants to deal with alcohol and drug abuse. At this stage in the recovery process, you need to be somewhere safe and receive intensive therapeutic interventions. With an inpatient rehab, you never have to worry about using because you never leave the facility.

Like medical detox, you have 24/7 access to a team of professionals who can help you process your cravings, difficult emotions, or memories. This can be ideal as you adjust to a medication regimen as well, allowing your team to monitor your progress.

The Foundation Provided During Residential Treatment

At Catalina Behavioral Health, our clinical team wants to make sure you are stable before you segue into outpatient treatment. As a result, we can make space for you in our addiction treatment program for anywhere from 28 days up to about six months of care.

Again, this is determined by the severity of your addiction, your response to treatment, and even any other co-occurring issues impacting your mental health. Keep in mind that during this time you will need to be away from your family, loved ones, and even your job. This might seem like a long time, but it can ultimately be helpful for mastering your substance use disorder.

Partial Hospitalization Programs as Effective Options

Partial Hospitalization Program

After graduating from residential, you might segue into a partial hospitalization program. Alternatively, some people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction might move directly to this type of program because it is less restrictive and enables them to continue working and keeping up with family obligations such as childcare.

Partial hospitalization gives you intensive addiction treatment and provides support for mental health issues. You will spend roughly six to eight hours a day in PHP, usually five days per week. During this time, you will engage in individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and medication management.

Structure and Support To Meet Client Needs

At the end of the day, you get to go home to your loved ones, your job, and your own bed for a great night of sleep outside of a hospital setting.

The question is: how long will you spend in partial hospitalization treatment programs? These tend to be a more short-term outpatient treatment option, lasting anywhere from four to ten weeks.

This might seem like a long time, but you will likely find that it flies by as you learn new coping skills to master the temptations to return to substance abuse.

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Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs: Our IOP

You might not be entirely ready to move from a partial hospitalization program to your daily life without some support in place. Intensive outpatient is a more flexible option that guides you along the treatment process smoothly and with the exact level of support needed for addiction and any mental health disorder.

Under Catalina’s treatment facility, we will help you to create a new sober lifestyle for yourself. Instead of spending six to eight hours a day in PHP, you will be free to come and go as your sessions end. This treatment regimen includes all of the following services:

  • Three hours or more of individual counseling each week
  • Group treatment programs or support groups
  • Family therapy
  • Life skill workshops
  • Psychoeducation courses on relapse prevention

Flexibility and Accountability With Our Outpatient Services

Because you have fewer services in place, many people find that it is much easier to keep up with work and school at this level of treatment. We can help you coordinate appointments and a set schedule that works for you. But still, you may be wondering: how long does rehab last?

Like PHP, this is something you may do for months following residential treatment. Your progress will determine exactly when you graduate from intensive outpatient treatment, but you may be a part of our program for several months before moving into an aftercare program.

Aftercare Program Support for Long-Term Success

Aftercare Program Support for Long-Term Success

Intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization are two ways to think about substance abuse treatment participation as you graduate to lower levels of care. Even once you move through an alcohol and drug rehab at these levels, you might still need help to maintain sobriety. This is where aftercare comes into the picture.

Catalina Behavioral Health offers an aftercare program that allows you to remain connected with the foundations of what you learned during earlier levels of treatment. It gives you a safe space to continue working on issues related to your substance abuse or mental health without keeping you in the restrictive setting of IOP or PHP.

Relapse Prevention and So Much More

For those who need just minor support, aftercare is the right fit.

Of course, aftercare is an ongoing process where you may want to check in regularly to ensure that you have some accountability for remaining sober. We can help you connect with peer support and our team of counselors can meet with you individually when you struggle. Aftercare is a highly personalized program.

Aftercare can be ongoing until you reach a point of stability and ease within your recovery journey.

Our Alumni Program: Foster Lifelong Connections

One of the benefits of choosing Catalina Behavioral Health as your addiction rehab in Tucson (and for our mental health rehab clients as well) is that you gain access to our alumni program. Once you have been through inpatient treatment and are on your way to more flexibility, alumni offerings give you the connection you need to maintain sobriety.

The alumni program is ongoing, as long as you need it to be there for you.

We will host fun events for our graduates like substance-free parties and cookouts. We might go bowling, ice skating, or attend a sporting event together. This gives you a way to connect with others outside of peer support groups. They may also allow you to bring friends and family so that everyone feels supported in the aftermath of your recovery.

While you may be wondering how long rehab lasts, we want you to view it as an ongoing part of a person’s life. Long after your residential treatment ends, you will need the support of your peers. Let our rehab facilities show you how to connect with others without an addictive substance present.

Making the Time Count at Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs

Time Count at Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs

How long does rehab last? While the answer ultimately depends on what treatment facility you choose, Catalina Behavioral Health believes that sobriety is a process. It often starts with medical detox, moves into inpatient, and then segues into outpatient therapy. Our treatment facility walks you through every stage of the treatment process.

At this point, you have likely realized that treatment is a long-term commitment. You could spend upwards of a year in some form of structured recovery support, though the initial inpatient rehab stay is usually three months or less. Still, you will want to transition to lower levels of care as you become more adept at living life sober and exploring the new options and opportunities it provides.

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If you are ready to embrace recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction, Catalina Behavioral Health is here to help. Our program is proven to jumpstart your sobriety. Our rehab programs meet you right where you are and give you access to licensed medical professionals who can help.

Contact us today to talk with our helpful admissions staff and verify your insurance coverage!

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